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Welcome to the Lake County Fair's 2019 online entry website. We look forward to your participation at the Lake County Fair!
    • Before entering online please review the Competitions Handbook at https://lcfair.com/competitions/
        • Please refer to the Competitions Handbook for all official rules, instructions, and important details. All rulings, decisions or requirements will come directly from the Competitions Handbook.
    • Only ONE NAME PER ENTRY - multiple exhibitors may not enter under one name. Example: Parents and children must register separately in order for entry tags to be processed with the correct name.
    • Please note that sessions expire after 20 minutes of inactivity, so "save the cart" if you plan on leaving the computer for more than 20 minutes.
    • If you were an exhibitor last year, you will need to register as a new exhibitor. Once registered, you may save your cart and log-in (with your password) at a later time to finish your entries. Your account will not save unless you have added an entry to your cart.
    • You will need to create a password when registering for the first time. Remember your password as this will allow you access for future sessions.
    • Fields marked with an asterisk * are required.  
    • You cannot make changes to your cart once you have paid for the entries.
    • You will need to know your animal's PREMISE ID and DATE OF BIRTH. This information will be entered into Showorks. If you need assistance with finding this information, please contact the Superintendent specific to your department.
    • Dairy Goats: This is an AGDA sanctioned competition. All dairy goat exhibitors will also need to enter animal name, tattoo information, fresh date, and registration number. If you need assistance with finding this information, please contact a Goat Superintendent.
    • ALL livestock exhibitors must purchase a “Livestock Pass” for $35 which includes a fair season pass and season parking pass for the West/Commercial lot. This is required to allow you daily access to tend for your animals.
        • Exhibitors that are current LCFA members do not need to purchase a Livestock Pass. To purchase a 2019 membership, go to: https://lcfair.com/become-a-member/
        • Note: You cannot purchase a membership via Showorks.  
    • Memberships must be purchased in your name. Example: If you are a member and your child is showing livestock, your child must purchase a livestock pass and cannot show under your membership.
    • Additional livestock fees:
        • Entry fee per animal: $5.00
        • Pen/Stall fee: $5.00 per pen Note: 4-H members also showing in Open Class must pay pen fees